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Spitz_5 - Senior Spotlight

by Spitzer

Posted on May 24, 2014 at 12:30 AM

This is it! As my last post of the Spring 2014 semester I wanted to do a senior tribute. Although first I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to the 2013-2014 E-board. You guys did an amazing job; thanks Alex, Amanda, & Braden! Also, the support of the department faculty has been critical to our enduring success and growth. They deserve a long relaxing summer as least as much as we do!

Christopher D. Baldwin & Zachary J. Huberty are the graduating seniors our club bids goodbye. Here are their last words as UST students...

1. Major(s) & Minor(s):

Chris: Pure math major, CS minor

Zach: Arabic

2. Favorite video game(s):

Chris: Mega Man 2 or Ice Hockey

Zach: Fallout 2

3. Favorite SSBM character(s):

Chris: Captain "Knee" Falcon

Zach: Mr. Game & Watch

4. Preferred OS:

Chris: Windows 7 or some flavor of Linux.

Zach: Windows

5. Preferred programming language(s):

Chris: This is a tough question. I'd say JavaScript, Python, and Perl - scripting languages are my jam.

Zach: Python

6. Coolest software project you've been apart of:

Chris: Probably the Oculus Rift stuff. The Rift is very cutting edge; it's exciting.

Zach: Made a 2D zombie game in Python

7. Fondest CS club memory:

Chris: I've got multiple! 1) When the jank was born and, thus, real. 2) Hanging with everyone in the club room. 3) Setting up the 3D printer and seeing all the crazy objects materialize before our eyes.

Zach: Oculus Rift - playing flyingindreams for nearly an hour straight, dreadhalls

8. Advice for current members:

Chris: Hang out with each other in the club room. Use your free time to work on cool stuff. Always be building something. Ask questions and seek answers. Improve your Google-Fu. Use your professors as resources; they are happy to help build cool stuff. And most importantly, "one more game" should never be said more than once.

Zach: Don't let your creativity be limited by what you think you can accomplish. Never be ashamed of failing some of your duties for trying to follow your passions.

9. Immediate plans after graduation:

Chris: Relax. Party. Find a job. Party again.

Zach: Move to Virginia with my GF Melanie, get a job.

10. Final thoughts:

Chris: The computer science club is thriving in the best way. We are lucky to have a space like the club room. This last year was the first time I felt a part of a community at St. Thomas. As a transfer student, it was really hard to find a group of people that I felt comfortable around. I am happy to call the Computer Science club my

Zach: If anyone wants to collaborate on a project, let me know (zj<dot>hubs<at>gmail<dot>com).

Well it's been real (the jank of course!). I believe I speak for the entire club when I say that you guys are super awesome! Thank you very much for the all memories and best wishes in your future endeavors! You're always welcome back; a farewell doesn't have to be forever. To you guys and the rest of the club: have a wonderful summer! You deserve it.

Rock on,
- Spitz

TL;DR: Congratulations Chris & Zach; have a great summer everyone!!