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Newsletter 4-16-2014

by Braden Ericson

Posted on April 16, 2014 at 9:31 AM

The Happenings

Yesterday the Computer Science Club Joined the Entrepreneurship society over in McNeely Hall. We listened to the CEO of Code 42, Matthew Dornquast, talk about his life and experiences and how he went from Software Engineer to CEO. Matthew shed some light on start-ups with software engineers and ways to succeed.

Windows Phones have arrived

After a long wait, students will finally be receiving their Windows Phones in the mail! I received mine yesterday and have been messing around with it all morning. Check your mailboxes for your phones, and if you run into any problems, be sure to give David a call.

LAN Party Success

This past Friday we had our second LAN Party of the semester. We were able to give out $75 worth of prizes! Unfortunately the CIV tournament never finished, so we'll be giving our last gift card away at the next LAN party or maybe even our end of the year banquet.
A huge shout out to the LAN Party Committee for all their help setting up, and running the event; having a committee itself was a success!


Next week we will be taking nominations for the Computer Science Club Executive Board. If you, or a friend, are interested in running for the E-board, make sure you find time to make it to the next meeting.

Events to Come

Next week we will be taking nominations for the executive board.
April 22nd, OSS 313, 12-1 pm