Posted on Sept. 27, 2017, 10:24 a.m.

by Nick Scheel

Below is a message from Varun Bhartia, one of the founders of BeeHyve:

Hi Tommies,
I w
anted to tell you about - an online community of Computer Students at schools around the world!

  • Connect with over 10,000 active students, from over 200 schools, from 50 different countries all studying Computer Science.
  • Join over 20 communities focused on all major topics of CS - from Algorithms to Web Programming. New communities such as Cryptocurrency, Financial Engineering, and many others coming soon! 
  • Find the best resources for learning any CS topic from across the world, curated by other students - lectures, tutorials, exams/hws, discussions, vote.  Over 10k resources from all across the web.
  • Find jobs and internships at companies across the US - startups, big tech, finance. Companies are looking for smart, engaged, hard-working technically qualified students.

Check out the exclusive St. Thomas section at BeeHyve -

  • All St. Thomas engineering courses and CS courses are mapped to BeeHyve communities. For example CSIC 230 Object Oriented Programming maps to the BeeHyve community - Object Oriented Programming.
  • See most popular and trending communities for St. Thomas students.
  • Connect with other St. Thomas students.

We’re building the best spot in the world (or internet) for learning Computer Science. We would be honored for St. Thomas to be part of it :)

The founders of BeeHyve (Varun) will also be speaking at the next club meeting Tuesday, Oct. 3rd about Technology Careers and how to break in. Varun is a Minnesota native (grew up St. Paul).

Ask him anything!
A little context on who we are - Vera (
LinkedIn) and Varun (LinkedIn) are both CS majors in undergrad. Since then we've worked at Facebook, Uber, and Microsoft. We know first hand how difficult CS can be and the need for talented individuals in industry. BeeHyve is a community that provides the best resources and people in the same spot.

Thank you so so much for your time. I know you are super busy, so I really appreciate it! - Varun + Vera

BeeHyve Communities:

Career Prep

Web Programming

Artificial Intelligence

Discrete Structures



Computer Systems

Software Engineering


Computer Graphics

Computer Networking


Parallel Programming

Embedded Systems

Computer Security

Operating Systems



Object Oriented Programming

Data Structures

Machine Learning